I studied theology at the University of Iceland from 1993-2000. Two terms were spent in Uppsala where I studied church history and systematic theology at the Faculty of theology. I specialized in the reformation and the theology of Martin Luther and wrote my thesis on Martin Luther’s prefaces to the Bible.

Film and religion

After finishing my studies I continued with the Luther research for a couple of years before embarking on a new trajectory. In the year 2000 a group of Icelandic theologians, film scholars, artists and film makers established a research group called Deus ex cinema which focuses on film and religion. I joined the group and have since focused a lot of my research on that topic. I have written papers and chapters in books on different topics and in 2015 I finished a M.A. thesis on the representation of pastors in Nordic films.

Public policy

From 2001-2015 I worked with communication in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland on a national level. In order to gain a better understanding of the context of the church I took courses for a diploma in public policy from 2013-2015. I graduated in February 2015. I focused on public policy, strategic planning, leadership studies and change management in these studies. The perspectives gained from studying public policy have been quite helpful when it comes to understanding the church in society.