I have taught courses on the history of theology, systematic theology, practical theology, liturgical theology, theology of the diaconate and religion and film at the University of Iceland and at Newmaninstitutet in Sweden. I have learnt a lot from this, both from engaging with the material in a new way and through my encounter with hundreds of students.

University of Iceland

  • Theology of the Diaconate, spring 2010
  • Theology of the Diaconate II: Practical Theology, spring 2007
  • History of Liturgy, autumn 2007
  • Theology and Film, spring 2005, spring 2007
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology, spring 2003, spring 2003, spring 2008
  • Religion in Film, autumn 2003, spring 2010


  • Theology and Film, spring 2011, autumn 2012.

Courses in continuing education

I have also taught courses on communication and on religion and film as a part of continuing education, in the church and at the university.

I taught summer courses on theology and film at Háskóli unga fólksins – University of the young – at the University of Iceland from 2004-2012.