Church of Iceland Communications Strategy

Confirmands on a course in the Hjallakirkja parish.

Confirmands reading the Bible in the Hjallakirkja parish.

I led the work on the Church of Iceland Communications Strategy 2011-2015 with rev. Kristín Þórunn Tómasdóttir, rev. Örn Bárður Jónsson and reporter and public relations expert Steingrímur Sævarr Ólafsson. The work involved outlining a vision and the basic values of the communications work, setting goals and establishing priority areas. An important aspect of the strategy is the focus on communications as a task and responsibility of staff and volunteers working on all levels of the church.

In my work for the Church of Iceland I have worked on the basis of the strategy and been responsible for its implementation through various projects.

Church of Iceland, University of Iceland

I was also involved in the overall strategy for the Church of Iceland, a project that involved the collaboration of people from most congregations, deaneries and institutions of the Church of Iceland. In addition to this I participated in work on a new strategy for the Department of Theology at the University of Iceland.

Strategic Planning

As a part of my studies in public administration I took a course on strategic planning for public organizations.

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