Árni Svanur Daníelsson

Exploring the intersection between culture, technology, society.

I am a communicator and theologian, educated at the Universities of Iceland and Uppsala.

I lead the communciations work for The Lutheran World Federation, a communion of 148 churches in the Lutheran tradition. Together we are working to make the world more just and peaceful.

In my work I combine practice and research. I have a passion for the intersection between communication, culture, technology and society, to which I bring a faith and justice perspective. I have researched, lectured and taught university courses on church, culture, and communication.

I have also tried my hand at different media, print, web, tv and radio, but have a particuoar interest in online communities and communication.

Also, I'm from Iceland. Does that make me unique?

Ps. I also have a fancy now page.

Currently I am working in the office and from home with colleagues around the world.

More specifically, I

Vision and margin make a difference.

Updated 2022-01-18

Idea from Derek Sivers via Shawn Blanc.

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