Hi, I’m Arni Svanur, a pastor and theologian based in Geneva, Switzerland. I work with communication and have done ministry in parishes, and researched and taught on film, religion and communication. I’m fascinated by the internet and love to explore new ways of communicating.

Rev. Árni Svanur Daníelsson

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Árni Svanur
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I am a communicator, pastor and theologian, educated in theology at the University of Iceland and the University of Uppsala. I have also taken interest and finished a diploma in public policy which has proven useful for my reflection on church and society.

In all my work I combine being a pastor and researcher. I have a passion to preach the gospel and communicate church and faith using modern means. I have researched and lectured on film and religion & church and communication in Iceland and abroad and have taught courses on both topics.

I have tried my hand at different media, ranging from print to web, including tv and radio. I have experimented with all sorts of social media too and set up a number of websites.

In my free time I read and write a lot, drink good coffee and move. A few years ago I got to know kettlebells and last year I got certified as a kettlebell instructor. Leading training session at the gym is quite refreshing.

I love to ride my bicycles, both as a way of getting around and for recreation. Sometimes I’ll also hang out on Facebook or Twitter, taking part in whatever is happening there.


Head of Communication
Director of Communication
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